About Us

I am so excited that you are here visiting this page. Life Coaching has the potential to transform your life! I can testify to this fact because of what it has done for me. Fourteen years ago I found a Life Coach that worked with me referring to a book titled Now, Discover Your Strengths. This revolutionized my life. I was able to see for the first time what my gifts and talents were; and how and where they could best be used. Before this book, and my life coach, I still had the same strengths it was just that I wasn’t operating in them to the fullest. From there I started searching out how to do the same for others. Enrolling in a Life Coaching course provided me with the confidence, knowledge, ethics, and skill necessary for me to own and operate a professional Life Coaching business.

My values and beliefs are deeply rooted in who I am as a Christ follower. Jeremiah 29:11 states the God has a plan and purpose for our life. I believe His plan and purpose for my life is to help others discover that in their lives. Our society is very ‘self’ oriented and with all the ‘self-love’ going on you’d think we’d have it all together by now. Hmmm, something messed up. Maybe we need to shift our focus onto our creator and see what He has to say about us. Yep, that’s my center and that is where I coach from. So my quick explanation for what I do: “I am a faith-based Life Coach that equips women to discover and live out what God created for them.”

Life isn’t about living a Pie-in-the-Sky daily experience – it’s filled with conflict, hindrances and obstacles, sometimes we just plan get stuck in our own heads and become our own worst critic. But in all things we can and should find joy in life. That’s where a Life Coach can help. Using powerful questions and being an accountability partner and encourager, a Life Coach can empower you to see the choices and options that on your own you may not be experiencing.

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